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Big Game Fish

There are more than one kind of tuna here in Kona! Everyone always asks about catching a Yellowfin Tuna! these fish are in the range of a couple pounds to occasionally over 250 pounds, they average weight in Kona is about 125 pounds. There are also Big Eye tuna but not caught as much as yellowfin! Also skipjack ranging from a couple pounds upto 30 pounds! We also have Albacore but their a nighttime fishery! 
Mahi Mahi
Also known as Dorado caught all year around off the Kona Coast! Found worldwide in tropical & warm temperature seas. The Mahi Mahi is a pelagic fish, schooling & migratory. This is one of the most colorful fish in the ocean, it can also turn or change different shades of yellow, green & blue.! they're very acrobatic when hooked & at boat! They're exciting fish to catch & great eating! World record is over 80 pounds, average weight Kona is around 20 pounds!
Also known as Wahoo caught all year around many January thru August off the Kona Coast! Also a pelagic fish, Found worldwide in tropical & warm temperature seas. the Ono is one of the fastest fish, said to reach speeds upto 60 miles per hour! The Onos are usually fished 180' to 400' of water, fun to catch & great to eat!